Welcome to the captivating world of Phoenix Feather Books & Curios, a creation brought to life by the vision of April Lynn Downey.  In the historic charm of Baltimore, Maryland, April ventured from historian and author to the helm of this exciting adventure.

    With an unwavering passion for history in her veins, April embarked on a remarkable transformation in her adult years, embracing her calling with fervor and zeal. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Religion and a master's degree in the evocative tapestry of Ancient Biblical Civilizations, April's academic odyssey prepared her to curate this unique store, full of intrigue from around the world.

   The culmination of her scholarly pursuit led to the creation of history book full of historical photographs, called "Images of America: Manheim."  It is a vivid narrative that celebrates her hometown's past. Coupled with her captivating presence on a YouTube history channel, April's gift for storytelling is revealed.

   A lifelong dream of owning a small, unique shop stepped onto the stage and thus began Phoenix Feather Books & Curios. From her youth, April's heart was set on crafting a haven that would inspire souls and ignite wonder through its beguiling ambiance and curated treasures. Seeded by her love of history, this aspiration flourished, blossoming into the sanctuary you now explore.  While currently an online presence, we dream creating a brick and mortar emporium where stories, artifacts, and wanderlust intermingle. It is within these walls that you'll find a portal to the past, a treasure trove of rarities, and a testament to April's boundless dedication.

  In every purchase from Phoenix Feather, you are helping to fulfill a dream cherished by a young girl beneath the sprawling Pennsylvania sky—dreams that soared beyond horizons, dancing with the allure of faraway lands and untold adventures. Thank you for visiting!



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