Historical Consultation Services

Utilizing academic expertise, creative writing and direction, and thorough historical research, we offer a wide variety of services, including:

  •  Historical Consultation for Historic Preservation Projects, Museums, Media, Journals, and More
  •  Research & Writing
  •  Custom Homeschool Curriculum in Ancient History, Religion, and Mythology
  •  Archaeological site 2D & 3D Drafting & Rendering
  •  Infographics
  •  Historic Site Photography
  •  Photo Editing
historical consulting services photo of archaeological excavation potsherd and tooth on sifting screen           historical consulting services photo of archaeological excavation volunteer holding pieces of pottery over a sifting screen

Phoenix Feather's founder, April Lynn Downey, brings a wealth of experience and skills to the table.  Please see my resume for details and reach out to april.lynn.downey@gmail.com to discuss any project, no matter how big or small!

  • Nexus Planning & Research

    "April assisted Nexus Planning & Research over a 4-week period, completing three separate tasks.  April provided historical research regarding individuals and companies associated with several different buildings and graphic support for exhibits within an application for Historical Tax Credits.  April completed her tasks in the agreed upon time frame and we hope to work together again."

  • Maya Jones

    "Thank you. Grateful I found your work."

  • Shaun Steffy

    "This book was so informative! The old photos of buildings that are no longer standing throughout Manheim, as well as ones that are [still here] to this day were fantastic!"

  • Harry E. Brady

    "Excellent book for someone from Manheim! Beautiful old-time picture[s] and great narrative."

  • Mark Stech-Novak

    "April has been my indispensable right-hand person since 2011."

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