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The Doctor's Christmas Eve (1910)

The Doctor's Christmas Eve (1910)

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"The Doctor's Christmas Eve" by James Lane Allen, published by The Macmillan Company, 1910. It seems to have been re-bound in 1938 by Bookcraft.

"A middle aged country doctor takes a memory trip down the lane where his personal and professional lives were forever intertwined with each other.
James Lane Allen (1849–1925) was an American novelist and short story writer whose work, including the novel A Kentucky Cardinal, often depicted the culture and dialects of his native Kentucky. His work is characteristic of the late-19th century local color era, when writers sought to capture the vernacular in their fiction. Allen has been described as "Kentucky's first important novelist.""

Size: 5.25" x 7.625" x 1.375"

Condition: Antique

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