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Years of Grace (1930) - Barnes' Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel

Years of Grace (1930) - Barnes' Pulitzer Prize Winning Novel

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"Years of Grace" by Margaret Ayer Barnes won a Pulitzer Prize.

"Mrs. Barnes’ first long novel covers the better part of the life of Jane Ward, from her girlhood in Chicago in the 1890’s through a stormy and aspiring youth, her marriage with Stephen Carver, typical son of typical Bostonians, a passionate episode or two, the World War, and finally the full years of middle life and of dramatic adjustment with the new generation. The rich, humorous, poignant, dramatic narrative flows swiftly and absorbingly to a moving end.

The book is full of the very stuff of life itself, and no better picture of the American social scene in the last four decades has been painted. It definitely places Mrs. Barnes with that little group of American women writers who can be depended upon always to give us keen fictional entertainment and that tingling sense of recognition which is the reader’s deepest pleasure."

Size: 5.75" x 8.25" x 1.75"

Condition: antique

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